About us

We are initially brewers with over 20 years of experience and passionate about the beverage industry. In 2018, we decided to venture into the world of specialty coffee with COLO COFFEE ROASTERS, inspired by Colombia, the richness of our people, and our land.

Our purpose is to select, roast, and serve the finest cups of coffee from Colombia, and for this, we work hand in hand with coffee growers so that they can produce better coffees every day. We believe that this commitment to quality will lead people around the world to get to know Colombia through COLO coffees.


We care about the footprint we leave on the land where we harvest quality coffee, which is why we seek ways to make Colombia a greener land. We work hand in hand with coffee growers to produce specialty coffee in a conscious and responsible manner.

Since 2021, in partnership with Bosquenible, we measure, quantify, report, and manage the greenhouse gas emissions associated with all our operations: from farm to cup. In this way, we establish management and reduction strategies to mitigate the volume of generated emissions and offset those that cannot be avoided, aiming for future neutrality.


One of the first major steps towards building the Comprehensive Sustainability Plan is our ROASTER, which is powered by UV rays through solar panels and generates fewer CO2 emissions.

This allows us to roast hundreds of kilograms of carefully selected coffee in a more environmentally conscious and responsible manner. Our master roaster develops the best profiles, all under the full sunlight, to serve you the finest flavors in your cup.

We harvest a land of opportunities

At Colo, we also seek the development and opportunities for coffee growers and farmers in rural areas of our country. That's why we support WBR (World Bicycle Relief), an international organization whose mission is to create access (through bicycles) to education, healthcare, and employment in areas of the country where transportation is a significant challenge. So join our initiatives and let's build a country of opportunities together.

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