Behind the madness and passion for coffee, there is a great philosophy that fits in four words: production, harvest, roasting, and preparation.


The genetics of the plants, the temperature and altitude of the regions where they grew, and the volcanic soils of Colombia are the first conditions for the quality and reputation of our "suave" coffee. In addition, their diversity, like that of orchids and birds in Colombia, is one of the broadest in the world.


Due to its mountainous geography, the industrialization of the harvesting process did not occur in Colombia, and we continue to privilege the artisanal, by hand and grain by grain. The same goes for fermentation and drying in micro and nano-lots, cared for with the wisdom inherited from generation to generation.


Just like in winemaking, when the grape is not yet wine, the dried bean is not the coffee we drink. That's why the step in which the aromatic principles that did not previously exist are revealed, is the most personal and creative step in the process: the roasting of coffee.


The perfect grinding of the roasted bean depends on the methods and techniques used: the faster and more pressure used, the finer the grind will be, as in the case of espresso. On the other hand, slow-filtered methods that take their time to extract the aromas can use a coarser grind.

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