Tools: Aeropress, Aeropress filter, 21 grams of coffee, Gram scale, Timer


  1.  Boil 250 ml of water.
  2.  Assemble the Aeropress with the filter in the lid. Soak the filter in hot water to remove flavors.
  3. Add 21 grams of medium-fine ground coffee to the Aeropress.
  4.  Add 45 ml of water and stir gently. Let it sit for 30 seconds.
  5.  Add water to reach a total of 150 ml and stir again. Let it extract for two minutes.
  6.  Insert the plunger and build pressure for 15 seconds until all the coffee is extracted.
  1. Remove the Aeropress and add 40 ml of hot water (bypass).
  2. Enjoy the coffee.
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