At Colo, our goal is to showcase the incredible diversity of coffees that Colombia has to offer, in terms of both variety and flavor. To achieve this, we've organized our coffees into three lines: Diversos, Ancestros, and Contemporáneos.


The Diversos line features traditional Colombian coffees that have been around for years, such as Castillo, Colombia, and Caturra, and even blends from different regions of Colombia. We're always sourcing from different regions and continuously changing up the offerings, so customers can explore and get to know Colombia through coffee.


Our Ancestros line highlights the impact that coffee variety has on the final product. Just as with grapes in wine-making, different coffee varieties produce distinct flavor profiles. We feature small microlots of rare and exotic varieties like Geisha, Sudan Rume, Maragogipe, and Laurina to showcase the full range of what specialty coffee can be.



In our Contemporáneos line, we select coffees based on the benefit process they've undergone on the farm, such as natural or honey processes. We also feature experimental processes from coffee growers who are pushing the boundaries of specialty coffee. This line includes both traditional and exotic varieties, with the focus on how the benefit process influences the final flavor and aroma.

Each of our three lines has a unique approach, but they share the same goal: to showcase the diversity of Colombian coffee and help customers explore and appreciate this amazing product.

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