The passion for coffee starts with four words: cultivation, harvest, roast, and preparation.



Understanding each coffee’s plant genetics, temperature, volcanic soils, and altitude of where they are grown in Colombia are the first steps to ensure the high quality and reputation of our “smooth” coffee. Colombian coffee is also known as one of the most diverse worldwide, just like Colombian birds and orchids.




Industrialized harvesting has not reached the mountains of Colombia, so we continue to favor artisanal hand-picked coffee, harvesting only the ripe cherries. The same artisanal technique is applied to the fermentation and drying process of micro-batches that are cared for with the wisdom carefully passed down generation to generation.



As in winemaking, when grapes have not become wine, dried coffee beans are not the coffee we drink either, so this is where we reveal the new aromatic principles that did not exist in the past. It is the most personal and creative step of the entire process: roasting the coffee. Our master roaster roasts all our beans in our cafe in Usaquen, Bogota trying to develop each coffee's true potential. 



The perfect grind of the roasted bean depends on the brewing methods and techniques used. The finer the ground coffee, with the greater pressure applied to the process, produces espresso coffee, while coarser grinds are ideal for pour-overs or immersion (French Press) techniques, to extract the aromas over a longer time.


 All that passion for the coffee journey has now gone beyond our borders as we bring a taste of Colombia to the world. In addition to local and national shipments, we also ship coffee to the United States and Canada.

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