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DECAF | 12 oz

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PROFILE: Cacao, citric and juicy texture. Delicate and sweet aftertaste

UNA SIESTA (NAP) is our decaf coffee with a natural decaffeination process. It combines high mountain spring water and EA of natural origin (from sugar cane); EA is present in all coffee beans in their natural state (as well as in many fruits and vegetables).

It has no addition of synthetic chemicals. This water-AE process allows a gentle extraction of caffeine from the bean, avoiding heat and excessive pressure, thus maintaining the natural structure and characteristics of the coffee beans.

Decaf coffee can be consumed by pregnant and lactating women because it does not have the stimulating effect of caffeine.


Not sure which ideal coffee grind size works best with your brewing method?

The point of grinding your beans correctly is to have the best coffee extraction in order to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. The end-flavor largely depends on the grind size.

You always want to avoid under-extraction or over-extraction of your coffee. If your grind is too coarse, you’ll have under extraction (resulting in sour, acidic, or salty taste). If your grind is too fine, you’ll have over extraction (resulting in bitter, unpleasant, or overpowering taste).

If you don’t have a coffee grinder at home, we can also send it ground to your home according to the technique you use. Just let us know your brewing method or your preferred grind.


· NONE / WHOLE GRAIN: Our recommendation if you have a grinder at home. You can vary the grind according to your brewing method and your coffee stays fresh longer. This is the best way to ensure the freshest cup of coffee.

· FINE GRIND: Recommended for preparing espresso or using AeroPress.

· MEDIUM GRIND: Recommended for V60, Chemex, Moka pot. 

· COARSE GRIND: Recommended for French Press or Cold Brew.

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